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Knowing We’ll Be Here
Daniel Avery

The venerable album closer from Avery’s stunning 'Drone Logic' gets its well-deserved shot in the limelight, the thinking man’s hands-in-the-air, end-of-night anthem. Fall in love with those classic prog-house stabs all over again, and then let Bulgaria’s KiNK deliver his driving club version, which out into blissful bells.

Fly Tonight
Jesse Rose
Play It Down

It’s obviously no coincidence that the cover of Jesse Rose’s latest, on his own Play It Down label, apes that of Thomas Bangalter’s inimitable Roule imprint. This French fried disco number has been filtered to absolute buggery, and laden with the nifty compression trick that gave all those great releases from Bangalter, DJ Falcon and Alan Braxe their pulsing, heady vibe. It’s an unashamedly massive tune (playing to the crowd with its scarcely unrecognisable sample, from Chaka Khan’s 'I’m Every Woman') and one should treat it as such.


Last Gasp
A Harmless Deed

This eighth release from A Harmless Deed comes courtesy of the label’s co-founder, Argentinean, Madrid-raised Damian Schwartz, under his guise as Epiphany (Schwartz has run the imprint with Jose Cabrera since 2012, presenting tracks from the likes of Fred P and Marcos Cabral). 'Let the Boys Be' is gently acidic, classic by both nature and construction, emotional and oh-so-very deep, while 'Player' too evokes the fine house music of decades gone by, tingling ride cymbals and a dirty synth cutting through. Very nice.

Be Mine
Kim Ann Foxman
Heidi Presents Jackathon Jams

Former Hercules and Love Affair singer Kim Ann Foxman steps up for Heidi’s Jackathon Jams imprint, delivering the irrepressible 'Be Mine', a solid club groove punctuated with languid shakers and a popping bassline. 'Let Me Be the One', with its classic New York organ and Foxman’s nagging vocal, just won’t quit. Catz N’ Dogz drop acid on their re-work, a colossal breakdown stuffed right in the middle. The Soul Clap boys break up the beats, opting for a stuttering electro-trance take down. It’s a wondrous thing indeed.

Sense of You EP
Jay West & Manuel Sahagun feat Cody ChestnuTT
Klangkultur Schallplatten

There are few male vocals in modern soul music which even approach delivering the deep, velvet joy which avid helmet-wearer Cody ChestnuTT’s evokes. So this is obviously pretty sensational. Argentineans West and Sahagun treat his sumptuous vox with the utmost respect, a deeply satisfying dub bassline driving things along skilfully. Okain’s mix goes stabby garage, while label bosses Dirk Hermann and Andreas Mueller evoke the spirit of Raze’s heart-breaking 'Break 4 Love' on their interpretation.

Hot Brass Dance EP
The Analogue Cops
Hype LTD

Anyone with even a passing knowledge of Italian production team the Analogue Cops will know that they don’t fuck about. Nope, fucking about seems distinctly far down their agenda, as this latest for their sometime home and Hypercolour spin-off so vividly illustrates. Drums are distorted to buggery. Loops are thrown in with the reckless, funk-sodden abandon of Jeff Mills. 'Denying' shoe horns in a piano house screamer over their mucky beats. 'Manipulation' is on the Theo Parrish tip, while 'Fall In' is slamming, panel-beating techno. With acid. Oh lord.

Persistence of Vision
Rodriguez Jr

Olivier Mateu’s transition from hammering techno madness as one half of F-Com stalwarts The Youngsters into the slinky Rodriguez Jr has been a captivating one, never more so than on this subtly substantial four-tracker for Anja Schneider and Ralf Kollmann’s Mobilee, the home of his Latin alter-ego. 'Persistence of Vision' oozes class, all arpeggios and a dirty bassline to die for. The percussive 'Aldebaran' is a joy too, but opt for the rolling thunder of 'Mustang', its Detroit stabs rhythmic and roundly irresistible. Good show.

The Touch (Solaris Heights Remix)

Around one minute and 34 seconds into 'The Touch', a broad, beaming grin should, if your face is all working properly, start to spread warmth into your soul. Scots wunderkind Grum has manipulated a Nina Simone album to some rather devastating effect here. It’s the kind of affirming house music that makes you fall in love with it all over again and want to hug strangers on a sweaty, pulsating dancefloor. In the sun. Add some very competitive mixes from Sebastian Leger, Solaris Heights and Andre Sobota, and you have an ample and unexpected contender for track of the summer.

Santos Resiak
Flumo Recordings

Straight fire from Santos Resiak, dusty New York grooves and rolling basses from Flumo Recordings new compilation Golden Harvest